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10 Easy Tips to Help You to Create Magnificent Flat Design Website

It is not a secret that these days owning a magical, well running and the truly attractive online project is a real must-have for all the famous people and successful companies. For these simple reasons, now you can just take your cell phone or computer and find an endless amount of various colorful and good-looking websites. They propose to use their services, buy their products or simply share with the web audience some information. Seeing that, keep in mind that now your main task is to stay unique and set up a charming and inimitable website for your needs, which will be able to help you to stand out from the crowd.

Needless to say, you will ask: how can I do it when there is such an impressing variety of the shining flat design websites that have already been made? Well, that is why today we are going to talk about the recent web design trends. To make a long story short, in this post I will tell you about 10 easy but useful tips that can help you to manage a magnificent website, made in flat design.

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First of all, let’s give the definition for flat design! Generally speaking, it is a minimalist user interface design approach that mostly provides usability. Still, as you can see from the post’s name, today I am going to talk about the other side of flat design. Without a doubt, now flat design is a pretty popular appearance of an online project, which consists of the neat and charming images, incredible color palette and unique, cute web fonts. As a result, it features clean, open space and crisp edges! Unquestionably, these characteristics are usually used in order to emphasize the subject of your desired website and transform the last one into a tasty candy. In a word, there is nothing redundant in flat design.

Furthermore, it makes much easier to design an interface that is responsive to changes in a browser size across the different gadgets. I mean you will also have a chance to build a site, which looks awesome in all the browsers and on all the devices. Seeing that, would you like to learn more about flat design and use it for the creation of your future flat design website? In this case, don’t stop reading! Finally, let’s take a closer look at the mentioned tips that allows one to create a beautiful flat design site. Also, do not forget to read the article about web design trends where you will find useful tips on how to make your website look awesome with cool visual effects.

Organize your content

As you may know, flat design is the thing that relies on different basic geometric shapes, frames and neat typography that helps you to create a layout. Needless to say, all these things look amazing. Also, they are easy to customize, so it makes the first plus of web design. And what is the next one? Actually, such elements can easily help you to interest people at your business/life/thoughts/creativity and simply guide them through your website the way you want it. For these reasons, remember that you have to pay extra attention to the size of the mentioned elements, their order, and symmetry!

In the end, such strategy will help one to establish a smart and clear content hierarchy within the layout. To sum everything up, the organization of your website’s elements along the page means a lot for the prosperity of your online project, so think twice about it before the content is published. Thus, just be sure that you keep all page elements spaced from each other and get rid of the decorative fluff.

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Simplicity of your flat design website’s navigation

Are you the one, who still thinks that the design of your pages must be full of details and useless elements? Well, think about the most notable web trends and you will see that stylish usually means simple, so here is flat design to help you! What is more, flat design is not only about the visual look of your online project… Actually, flat design means that your website should also be easy in use. All in all, the simplicity of the user experience is the most important aspect for a successfully created flat design website.

To continue, how do you think, what does it starts with? Yep, pay attention to the navigation of your online project, as it is the first thing that is responsible for your visitor’s comfort. Without a doubt, I recommend you to keep the website structure basic, use drop-down menus if you have a lot of pages, and design a neat menu that makes an ideal decision. Undoubtedly, the comfort of the navigation is the thing that makes people back on your pages and use your services again!

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Pay more attention to your website’s icons

Talking about the elements of your pages, keep in mind that the icons make the next important aspect of your online project’s appearance. That is why the icons work as some road signs that provide various information to the guests of your website and help people with their decision-making. To make a long story short, these graphical elements are a vital pillar of any successful website that was made in flat design. Seeing that, don’t forget that the role of your icons should mostly be functional. Therefore, you need to have the icons that your guests will understand with no effort. What is more, it does not mean that your icons should not be beautiful but these elements should be quite simple if you would like the guests to be the regular visitors of your website.

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Less animation

As it has already been mentioned, simplicity and comfort are the first things you should think about while building your flat design website. For these simple reasons, I suggest you use less animation, bright effects and other visual things that can divert the attention of your visitors. Unquestionably, I understand that such features as Lazy effect and Parallax scrolling look amazing and can easily impress the visitors of your online project. Still, building a flat design website, try to focus on its content and practice. All in all, you may use some of these effects (for example, you can use a charming video background or a cute cinematographic) but don’t overdo it.

Clickable elements

Without a doubt, sometimes simplicity makes it difficult to launch your online project. To illustrate, just think about such elements as call-to-action buttons, click bases and other links! Needless to say, it is important to have the good-working clickable elements on your website. All in all, these linked elements are made to tell people more about your business and in order to further its prosperity. That is why you have to be sure that it is easy to see and use your clickable elements. To sum everything up, think about the way you would like to attract your site’s guests and conceptualize your flat design website thoroughly. All in all, be sure that you have signified your visitors where they should click well.

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The colors

Unquestionably, the color palette has always been the thing that attracts people to any website. Seeing that, you can easily use the colors of your site in order to determine depth. As you may know, the flat design websites are based on a 2D look, so your online project can be not only beautiful but also an impressing one. Bu sure, there is nothing complicated in the creation of depth effect. In this case, just learn more about the harmony of colors, shades, hues, tints, and tones.

About fonts

Well, how do you think, what is the next point that literally makes your flat design website’s appearance? Without a doubt, it is all about the fonts you use. In general, these days there are over 55 000 different attractive and unusual fonts you are proposed to use for your future website. Seeing that, here is another fact you should always remember about: rare and unusual fonts are not the ones you should use for your flat design site. Actually, the thing is that such fonts are not readable or comfortable for the visitors of your pages. Therefore, I propose you to take a closer look at Sans Serif fonts, as they are also quite pretty. To make things easier, Sans Serif fonts are the contemporary looking fonts without some decorative finishes that are easier to read online.

Here are some of the popular Sans Serif fonts: Verdana, Futura, Arial, Gotham, Circular, Franklin Gothic, Avenir, and others. By the way, remember that it was discovered that now an ideal font size for a good online reading is 16px and stick to a maximum 3 typefaces in a maximum of 3 point sizes to have the design of your website well-organized. Thus, just prefer the readable and neat typography to the unique and impressing one.

About the strips

As it has already been said, the content of your flat design website should be well organized. For these simple reasons, I suggest you use full-width strips, as they are able to break your site into some horizontal sections. In a word, such action can help you to create a clear structure and soft flow. All in all, this is how a winning flat design website should look like.

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About photography

So, in this post, we are talking about the website, whose main goal is to be comfortable for its users. Actually, it doesn’t matter if your website is about culture, literature, services or you just selling some items because one picture can easily give a person an easy-to-read first impression. What is more, according to the statistics, today big pictures are popular, as they are easier to read. Thus, make sure that you are using the right pictures to introduce the subject of your flat design website.

The proportions

To finish with, remember about the proportions of your flat design website. Basically, Fibonacci sequence and Golden ratio are the things every web designer should know about. Seeing that, learn more about them in order to create a pleasant look for your long-awaited site. In a word, Golden ratio means a magical number 1.618 that makes all the design elements look proportioned. Thus, many famous artists, sculptors, and architects used the mentioned rule for the creation of their masterpieces. Furthermore, they still use it, so don’t hesitate to learn more about these rules.

So, for today there were all the rules that can quickly help you to create a perfect flat design website. As you can see, there is nothing complicated, so the only thing you need for it is a strong desire to do your best. All in all, just remember that clear content, comfort, and an ideal organization are the most important aspects of your future online project.
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