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10 Business Educational Tips for a Striking Web Design

Does a web design influence the level of visitors on your website? Will people stay on it and make purchases because of a nice design? Of course. You probably have seen websites just crying “That’s a bad idea!” with only their look. Then it is clear that the company loses potential clients because of bad design decisions.

It does not matter if you are an Internet newbie or an experienced marketing specialist. In any case, you should know that the good website design is the critical component of a success formula.

These 10 tips from marketing specialists will help you create the striking website design that will attract potential clients instead of scaring them. By the way, if you look for someone to write cheap essays  on marketing or other topics for you, you can ask these professionals about that help, too.

Okay, let’s proceed to our web design tips.

1. Simple Navigation Matters

When entering your website, people usually look for something precise. Low-calorie diet dishes to cook within 30 minutes, best online businesses to launch at the moment, laptops to buy in the UK, etc. No matter what they want, they definitely need an answer. So, ask yourself: why do people visit your website? After you find an answer, you should make the searching process of what they need as simple for them as possible.

We’ve visited many websites hard to interact with. Do you know which reaction was our first? “Next one!”

And then we leave for another website to see if they can answer the question. People don’t want to spend their time hunting things which should be found easily.

So, if people came to your website to find things then there should be “Things” button easy to notice and recognize it. Additionally, people are used to looking for the navigation panel in the left part of the website.

2. Shining Stuff Means the Dead End

You probably met websites with elephants dancing on the screen or poker chips running through it asking you to click them. These websites can only bring a headache and make the user look for the “Let me out fast” button.

If you launch a professional website, do not use sparkling graphics. You will guarantee yourself scared users with it. People came to you to find information, not to click on the ads or to destroy their brains.

Make your website a pleasant place for clients to stay in. It’s like a supermarket. Think about it when you go shopping next time. You want to visit a clean store with well-positioned goods, with good service stuff and with products you look for. Your website should be a reflection of such stores. If you expect all the things mentioned above from shopping, isn’t it fair to suppose that clients count to find the same things on your website? But let’s suppose that you cooperate with a realtor renting houses on the ocean bank on summer vacation seasons.

A music is played on we website, it sounds like ocean waves appeared at the foot of your desktop. In this case, music does cut it. But still, it should be turned off by default, with the possibility to switch it on if needed. Do not forget that many people surf websites at the office, and they don’t want their boss to know about that. If there is a loud music on your web page and no visible button to switch it off as soon as possible, the visitor will escape such a website faster than a cat who noticed the dog’s jaw.

3. Colors Improve Results

Every person has individual color preferences, but a bunch of scientific researches shows that colors can influence human emotions. Take a look at the biggest websites like Amazon: their layout is very simple, just like their color schemes.

Following the same direction as your web-design can be a good decision. If you have to create a page for the topic of financial investments, its colors should be conservative. If you sell swimming and beach accessories, use more bright and joyful colors. If your website is devoted to girl parties then different variations of pink would work. Consider your audience and its tastes: this will help you understand which color scheme to use.

4. Links Are Highways

Nothing cleverer than testing all your buttons to be linked to right pages is demanded here. Nobody likes broken links, including bots and specialists from Google. It can be boring, but you should do it. Just check every hyperlink is correct.

5. About Us – Is the Map Correct?

Usually, people want to know some things about you before starting to cooperate. Who you are, how to contact you, what your guarantees for goods or services are, will you resell their emails, you’re your safety policy is, how long the delivery lasts, and so on. You should answer these questions to create some trust between yourself and your potential clients.

6. Website Map – How to Find the Way?

Let’s say that you have many goods or pages and resources. The website map helps people find what they need quickly and without the need to wander around your website. Maps are not that difficult to create, and they are very useful for big web pages. They also help search engines get information about you very quickly.

7. Quick Loading – It’s a Must

Nothing can be worse than pages loading slowly. People just hate waiting. You should optimize graphics for your website. The loading speed and the page rating can be checked on In online business, slow websites mean death.

8. Purchase Cart – Buy Some Souvenirs

If you sell things or services, a solid and well-organized cart is required. There can be met websites where a list with million goods is offered and users need to send an email to make an order. What a mess! Yes, a good cart requires some investment, but it is good for transaction controls. There is a wide choice of available cart solutions, choose the one which suits your business the most.

9. Templates vs Original Design – Chevrolet vs Porsche

People often think that the individual and original design is expensive. That is why they prefer using templates and compilations. Nothing is bad about this approach, but users can see the difference between the original and template design almost at once. Still, a template-assembled website will not make you lose clients, but it won’t be attractive as well.

Go in for entertainment with your online business. Enter any free stock photo store website and download professional photos of everything: from butterflies to spaceships. This is a sure way to make your webpage less “regular”. It is your call to decide if such an approach is useful for your design.

10. Client Service is the Design Mission

Okay, so how is the design of a website connected with the client service? That service is to be visible throughout the whole page. Tips, free reports, guarantees, quick and trustful shopping. People want to be sure that you know the deal and can give them what they want in time and with no problems. Give them a bit of confidence at once, and it will bring you huge profits later.



Bogdan is the founder of Top Design Magazine. You can find him in Bucharest-Romania so next time you want to drink a beer there and talk about web and stuff, give him a message.