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10 Beauty Retouching Photoshop Tutorials For Making Your Image Awesome

When looking at the latest advertisements for beauty products such as body lotions, makeup, shampoos, perfumes, and even weight-loss products people tend to be amazed by the beauty of the perfect skin, shiny hair, tight waist, lack of wrinkles, before and after effects, etc. The immaculate beauty and perfection presented in these advertisements simply lures consumers into buying the marketed product.

If you’ve ever been into Photoshop you must have already tried one of its most attractive and used application areas – beauty retouching. If on the other hand, you’re new to this, the following 10 beauty retouching tutorials might come in handy.

Shiny Hair

Even though most commercials for shampoos, conditioners, hair colors, etc. show models with nice and shiny hair, the truth is your hair cannot ever be that shinny on any photo. If you’re up for playing around with some of your or your friends’ photos, try out this easy tutorial.

Thicker Eyelashes

Thicker eyelashes are desired by most females. Learn how to use Photoshop for your thicker eyelash experiment.

Removing Skin Blemishes

Sun exposure can cause damage to the skin’s natural appearance and this may result in uneven skin tone and dark spots. As this is something that unfortunately you cannot hide, your photos may need some extra touch.

Changing Hair Color

No need to really dye your hair in order to add a bit of funkiness to your hair style. With this tutorial it’s pretty easy, just choose your color and go for it.

Remove Freckles

Freckles… one of the most common beauty issues in both women and men. Some like it, some don’t. The fact is a photo shows it and if you though you can’t do much about it, you’re wrong. Photoshop comes to the rescue.

Weight Off

Gain a few extra pounds which you definitely don’t want to show off on your photos? No need for speedy dieting when you have Photoshop.

Eye Makeup

Try out some beautiful shade combinations for a glamorous look.

Perfect Skin

Nice, shiny, perfect skin… a dream of every girl. With some effort, it’s possible but the camera doesn’t always show it and if you want a skin you saw on a skin care products commercials, then you definitely need less UV exposure and a bit more of green foods, Omega-3, and of course, Photoshop.

Red Eye Removal

Before digital cameras came to life with features that allow you to reduce this effect, red eye was the most common problem on photographs. Fix those photos in no time with this basic tutorial.

Teeth Whitening

There’s nothing nicer than a bright white smile. Seen the commercials for various tooth pastes? Then you know exactly what I mean. You can also make this happen on your own photos.


Call it a deceptive art or just art, becoming a real digital esthetician is quite fun. While using Photoshop you will discover some amazing options and advanced tools which can be used to optimize body proportions, smooth out hair and skin, create perfect teeth, change someone’s appearance, etc.


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